XLS Medical Max Strength Powder Sachets Fruity Flavour 60 Sachets 1 Month Supply

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XLS-Medical Max Strength 60 Sachets, in single dose, makes weight management easier than ever before. The convenient and discrete sachet format is easy to take anywhere, just pop it directly into the mouth. The ready-to-take powder has a delicious fruity flavour. XLS Medical Max Strength Sachets are perfect to choose if you are planning to lose weight all year around. Box contains 60 Sachet's. 

Directions: Take one (1) sachet 30 minutes before the two (2) main meals of the day. Do not exceed two (2) sachets daily. The sachets are ready-to-use; pour the contents directly into the mouth. Do not pour the sachet content into a drink before consuming. If preferred, consumption of the sachet can be immediately followed by drinking some liquid.