Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-Strain Formulation 30 Capsules

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  • Bio-Kult contains 14 strains of live bacteria to complement the existing gut flora naturally present in a healthy person’s digestive system
  • Microorganisms present in the intestine, collectively called the gut microbiota, are essential to our health
  • Includes Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bacillus subtilis and 11 more live bacterial strains (see full strain list further down this page)
  • Suitable to be taken alongside antibiotics, by babies, toddlers, children, when pregnant, when travelling, by vegetarians and as part of a healthy diet. Non GMO
  • If you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before taking any nutritional food supplement


Cellulose (Bulking Agent), Live Bacteria (See Below), Vegetable Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Live Bacteria Cultures: Bacillus Subtilis Pxn 21, Bifidobacterium Bifidum Pxn 23, Bifidobacterium Breve Pxn 25, Ifidobacterium Infantis Pxn 27, Bifidobacterium Longum Pxn 30, Lactobacillus Acidophilus Pxn 35, Lactobacillus Delbrueckii Ssp. Bulgaricus Pxn 39, Lactobacillus Casei Pxn 37, Lactobacillus Plantarum Pxn 47, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Pxn 54, Lactobacillus Helveticus Pxn 45, Lactobacillus Salivarius Pxn 57, Lactococcus Lactis Ssp. Lactis Pxn 63, Streptococcus Thermophilus Pxn 66.